Here are some of the stuff I have done.


Tiny command line tool to create, run, and deploy Amazon Lambda.
Run $ npm install -g instant-lambda to install it via npm.
Available at:
GitHub - instant-lambda
npm - instant-lambda
Developed in April 2017 - present


GitHub - instant-api
Trying to create an easy-to-use command line tool to instantly set up API with AWS API Gateway.
Planning to integrate instant-lambda.
Developed in May 2017 - present

Gimbal Lock: Escape Game

Get it on Google Play

Android game app built with Unity, also one of my earliest works that are released to public.
When I released this, I had only a few months of coding experience and didn’t know any useful tools like git. I still remember the struggle doing version control by hand.
Available at Google Play Store.
Developed in January 2014